The New York Times

Housewares to JeweIry
In Amsterdam, he has his own shop and is known as an avant-garde jewelry designer, but these days Hans Appenzeller is branching out into home accessories. “My bracelets and vases all come from the same point of view,” said Mr. Appenzeller, whose predilection is to explore the different uses of ordinary materials.

His vases and bowls–in pale greenand pink, in gold, gray and black–are of anodized aluminum. His lariat-like necklaces are ropes of rubber that end in brass points. And his satisfyingly smooth bangle bracelets are of Corian–a material more usually associated with kitchen are usually associated with kitchen counter tops–but he injects it with bits of brass and rubber.

Some of Mr. Appenzeller’s wares can be viewed in several of the city’s shops.